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“About the only thing that comes without effort is old age”

icon internship Proyecto Peru

Project Profile

  • Field: Social Work
  • Type: Internship
  • Minimum stay: 3 weeks
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:00am until 12:00pm
  • Spanish: Intermediate
  • Donation: $50

Project description

This is a non-profit association with the main objective to help homeless elderly people from our community and the city of Cusco by providing shelter, food, and nursing support. This association was founded on April 27th of 1981 by a group of nuns dedicated to helping old poor people without homes and families, better known as LA CONGREGACION DE HERMANITAS DE LOS ANCIANOS DESAMPARADOS - CUSCO, with the collaboration of the bishop in those years. This nursing home takes care of people who are 65 years old or older who do not have homes or are in extreme poverty. They receive treatment, food, and physical therapy and do different activities organized by the association. You will work with different staff members depending on the area you are assigned. They are 20 people dedicated to helping approximately 100 elderly people from our community.

Horse Ranch Project


  • Help serving food
  • Support the physiotherapist
  • Assist with daily activities (games, cleaning, more)
  • Provide Support to the nurses
  • Help take patients to their check-ups
  • More tasks depending on skills and Spanish level

Important Tip:

Take initiative, be patient, and always communicate with the staff!