Volunteer Work in Peru for Free

There are many organizations offering dozens of volunteer programmes throughout Peru. Many, however, are large international organizations which charge hundreds of dollars per week just to volunteer in their programs. It can therefore be difficult to access the projects they offer at an affordable cost.

Some of these programs are also extremely short term, making it difficult to make a meaningful contribution through your volunteering. As a volunteer, it can often feel like these programs exist more for the fees you pay than for the work you do.

Proyecto Peru is based only in Cusco, and we partner directly with volunteer projects in the local area, offering you volunteering for free if you learn Spanish with us or stay in one of our accommodations. All you will pay for volunteering is a small donation of around $50 which is requested by your project of choice and goes directly to it. Volunteering is not a source of income for Proyecto Peru: we only offer meaningful volunteer projects and have minimum time commitments for each project in order to ensure that you are able to make a worthwhile contribution to your chosen cause.

Proyecto Peru offers transparency - there are no volunteer fees and what you pay goes towards language lessons, accommodation or direct project donation. Our programs include a free handbook and orientation session as weekly activities with other volunteers such as salsa lessons and karaoke. There’s no volunteer administration fee when you take Spanish lessons or accommodation with us.

View our range of free volunteering projects and our prices for Spanish lessons and apartment or homestay accommodation.